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The perfect place for a drink in Kala Nera - Pelion Greece
Naftilos Coffee House - Pelion Greece

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Pelion, one of the most beautiful and magical regions in all of Greece, welcomes you. Here in Pelion, you will find, peace, beauty, nature, picturesque imagery, friendly people, sandy beaches, crystal seas, and so much more. Pelion is the ideal destination for your holidays in Greece.

Pelion, famous for the ancient centaurs, is a sprawling peninsula, combing perfectly the mountain and seas, to a backdrop of a stunning blue sky.

Located in the Thessaly region of Central Greece, Pelion has everything you could possibly need to enjoy your time spent here.

All over Mount Pelion and along the coast are a collection of unique villages, all varying in size. One such village, located on the coast is the beautiful and very popular resort of Kala Nera.

The name Kala Nera translates as "Good Water", which is the perfect name for this village.

The beach and sea here have been awarded the "Blue Flag" by the EU for exceptionally clean and beautiful beaches. There are also various other beautiful beaches just outside of Kala Nera, which you can enjoy during the summer months.

Located only 18km from the city of Volos, Kala Nera is perfectly located and easily accessible to all visitors to the Pelion Peninsula. The nearby village of Ano Lehonia is where you can take a magical train ride on the famous Pelion Steam Train "Moutzouris-Smudgy".

Whether you are coming to Pelion to relax and unwind or to take part in various activities, you will not be disappointed.

Pelion is everything you will be expecting, plus a whole lot more. When in Kala Nera, we would love to welcome you personally, here at our popular coffee house, Naftilos. We look forward to it .....